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tv   Rob Black and Your Money  KRON  December 9, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> welcome to rob black and your money. this show is dedicated to getting ready for retirement. we have chad the burton here to talk about the reverchatham bu had b
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>> what do you think double winners and losers with this company? >> what i like about is the fulled service and there's not a lot a margarine spreads his and getting rid of your competition, make sense. their stocks shot up which i basically and validated a good idea they deliver millions of froze an awful to kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias, and universities. >> there was something west's dow hole. there are to ducnew with yahoo. >> when we used to watch on television she wants people to put this on their
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tablets. she has kate curricle will deliver nils. it is all balled--i am not young, i like live events. i love to watch and this would be a good hipster. i like the idea. >> this is a very smart move. >> an interesting product from apple, and they are going to come with a i begaecan. >> when you walk into their store, why not consider a new mac. this will bay able to put be put into a baseball parks. it won't work in museums. when you
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are close to a picture, it will start giving you information. >> the retailers will love this, education will love it. i think this is one of their secret weapons. it is tied to your ride tunes account. it does not matter how much money you have more called york. >> this is a lot of the information. >> mcdonald's announced a quarterly numbers. no disappointment for them. >> their last few quarters have not been great. >> this is so hot, an 8-as their starting to look less. people between 18 and 35 refused to eat frozen food, fresh fruit.ood. this is how thy
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make huge periods >> they have to do something to get more people and pripein. >> and disney is a stock that you often talk about. they are at it again with the number one movie. >> frozen, this mall was a hundred and $58 million to make. what i like about the story is that this is a big franchise. they stated that the loss indiana jones. i am excited about this. they're talking about using this franchise with iron man and the adventures. they're not even the largest company this year, surprisingly, i
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do like disney for their patients. they own the media under 18. >> another company that art delaying. >> i am addicted to can be crushed recandy crush. may havea one hit wonder. it will hurt investors. i do like what they are doing. they're in no rush. they should be publicly traded. >> thank you very much for joining me. >> coming up will be chad thbarton perry e \burton.
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>> welcome back. glut >> let's talk about retirement. >> i'd got into this business awhile ago and idea was that you would need only 70 percent when you're retired pripe whenever it may b, that is just not the case. you have done a good job planning but one of the things you do is say what
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will get you out of bed, what motivates you, charities, or hobbies prip. a lot of time people worry about their honeydew less, they're remodeling. i did is a loss, i think you need to plan for your dreams and what you want to do. working one or two more years can make a very huge difference. >> let's talk about a another bad role of some. tax is being cut in half. >> i think we have already seen taxes go for high income earners quite drastically your capital gains also went up. in order for you to save medicare, medicaid edentulous something will need to change. these programs will
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have to be saved, these are what the seniors depend on. americans, most of them-- this is something that has not been taxed. most people retiring have pretax dollars. >> another bad will obamas the bike can withdraw 5% for my portfolio. >>rule is for me to draw five percent for my portfolio. >> we are at half of that, we will look at a. lower interest rates because the central banks are buying their own bonds keep their interest rates low. you will need to have more equity exposure. you will have to
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deal with a little bit more and know that getting dividends, that is okay. also, bond alternatives. they are just not paying enough and at campbell's value. >>. london let's talk abo >> i am more like two to $4 million spread >> the idea is that a million dollars when you are a kid sounds like a lot a money but the value of the dollar is cut in half every 18 years with inflation. so that is really now another 18 to 20 years pripet if we go back to the role, 4%, fibers and that means said that million dollars or on the kickoff $50,000 at most.
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if you are sitting there, and in job earnings six figures that will not cut it. >> it is all relative of the to your expenses. you have to project your expenses to the summe >> let's talk about the 68- 40 roll. the >> the idea is that you or low on fixed and come. that is not the smartest and to do. you may need more equity it really just depends on your timing and you have to be smart when it comes to investing. that was great when we had a. --when you retire in your drawn from your portfolio and the good years come later, the
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timing can ruin your portfolio and you can run out of money. >> you cannot even reverse the spreais >> i did realize that health care cost was paid by their retirees and that they were not free. >> people will retire think they're gonna get medicaid and as free, medicare eight is free but still need to get medicare be. a hundred and $5 a month if you are high-income earner. it has been going up at higher rates with inflation. in a year, you may think that that might give your raise, the cost of medical and when and with inflation did then eunice supplemental plan to cover your prescriptions. there's two ways to look at this. this does not include
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a long time caring that she may face. >> thank you, i should probably start playing the lottery. >> the more you save, the better off. >> you can find him a new you can call 888- 762-24 to bri23. coming up are will talk about other financial options care.
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>> and we will not talk about juror retirement years. real-estate is not a subject everyone else as familiar with. >> reverse mortgage is a home-equity loan and you have to be at least 62 years old. if you can borrow from your home equity that you have built up. you do not have to make any payments back until you leave your home permanently pripet as long as you live in your home you can utilize the. >> this is so little bit different from a home-equity line, a reverse mortgage has been around for a long time. how was the program changed? >> when i first are about 20 years ago it was tepid playing the older person in their 70's and up that have low and come. they wanted to stay in their home so they drew alta and they stayed in their home. then the six
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right option came along. and lot #people started to take advantage of this. it became very popular this of this as a risk to home ownership. this was their risk to of the--a large balance accruing. >> recently we still have a fixed rate but when the limits on the amount of funds that could be drawn is now place. so, the program is moving toward a financial planning--to help people who maybe have not saved enough and want to live better. they can use this to supplement their income. >> what if, the loan balance is higher than what happens? >> cut will make sure that
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the balance, that's the efficiency is paid to the lender or investor. the homeowne risk of having to pay more than the value. it is a non recourse loan. if they gets to be higher, the homeowner, or their heirs are not responsible. >> there are quite a few, one, you hear quite a bit. that the ban on stockholm or your still in the house and they just take over. that is just not true. you are the owner, you will pay back pripet the bank does not only on, they're just letting the money. >> my mother is 80 years old. some, she gets put out a car bomb, where will she
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go. can you be put out? >> you will not have to make payments, of course, you have responsibilities like anyone else. you still have to pay your property-tax is a mixture the trust doesn't crumble. there are a lot a safety features built into this. there are a lot of seniors that will tell you that this is something that is still comfortable with. so many people tell me that there are very happy that they did this, they stated that it made a difference. >> i know that you educate people, is is how people learn more about reverse mortgage? >> and yes, that is what i do. i am on the fall all the time, i send out information to let them know what is available and the cost. there is a mother misconception that they are expensive. they are
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inexpensive. and i encourage people to do this, to help them in retirement. i also want to show them how this works and explain it. maligned let's pull up your contact information. >> this is a plan that i consider a financial toll. enjoy your life. but you can contact our 800-489- 098609. >> coming up on the show i will talk about financial wealth xñ
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>> you can drop me an e- mail or like me on facebook. >> he stated that he was 26 years old. he started aroth. >> there are local formfirms. i like t d a mere trade or fidelity. i like the phone service as she did. you get the cheapest products out there. you did not allow the
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sales pitch. that will basically sellout the work for you. >> this comes from thomas. what are your thoughts on earthquake insurance? >> just as sure which you cannot afford to lose. insure your car, if you get hit by a jump driver it ma in cs with day accident. earthquake insurance, only if your house is paid off. the government would only give you so much money. if a bank owned like a hundred thousand and you own 200,000 common you can afford to lose that. earthquake insurance is expensive if you live in those areas
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pripet >> when my home is paid for, free and clear i would consider it. >> what is the first step for my 31 year-old son? >> and mombasa and her son stock. i do not mind in this, i love this, it takes time and work overtime your 31 year old kid should be making this decision on his lawn.own. if you want to buy and stock, starting with a account i would not try to buy one, and he does not know what he's doing. i will
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buy an index fund. >> this comes from roger, what determines mortgage loan approvals? >> the three c's of credit that want to know your collateral, how much money you're putting down and how much cared for your health. a couple of other factors. with that being said you can drop me an e-mail or like me on kron4
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